“Why I like Taekwon-Do”

Taekwondo Pattern“Why I Like Taekwon-Do”

Written by Ben Nockles, an 11 year old yellow belt student of Winding River TKD

“The first reason is because it gives me challenges to do,  like kick higher, do more push-ups, get to black belt, break more boards and to help others to reach their goals. The other reason why I like Taekwon-Do is because I like to go beyond what I am doing and also because I want to get stronger. I want to make my own class when I am older to help people to also reach their goals. The third reason is because I want to get a job as an RCMP officer and make Canada a better and more peaceful place to live in. Taekwon.”



“Taekwon-Do” a Mom’s Story

“Taekwon-Do”, a Mom’s story 

 “I want to join Taekwon-Do!”,  shouted my 7 year old son as soon as he stepped off the bus.

“Where did that come from?” I asked him.

He couldn’t get the words out fast enough. There was a Taekwon-Do demonstration at school that day. All the students met in the gymnasium to watch. Apparently, a man kicked an apple that was held by a sword and sliced it with his foot. And his foot was not cut off! This is what I could make out of jumbled words from my beyond excited son.

What?! I was thinking. How could I possibly allow him join something where they kick and punch?!  See, he was always getting in trouble at school. He was not a malicious kid, but he was impulsive. He would push by kids, instead of going around or throw rocks if the thought struck him, that sort of thing. And sadly, teachers reported that he even hit others at times. So, how could I possibly put him into something where kicking and punching was permitted and expected?

I told him I would think about it. Mothers’ famous last words…. I’LL THINK ABOUT IT.  How many times did I hear that as a little girl?  My mother would say that, and after a while, I would forget all about what I had wanted to do.

But, my son didn’t forget. He asked me every week…. “When am I going to try Taekwon-Do?”     “When can I go?”      “Can I go today, Mom?”

I could not tell him I didn’t want him to go, because I would have had to explain why. And why? Because he was labelled the ‘bad kid’ at school? And I didn’t want him thinking that I thought that. So, I did a little research.  Guess what I found? Quite the opposite of what I was thinking. Turns out, that TKD was very beneficial for kids like my son. It teaches  them self control, gives them self confidence, teaches them to respect others and most importantly, teaches them SELF RESPECT.

To tell you the truth, I was at my wits end! I was getting phone calls daily from his teacher and nothing I did seemed to help. So, about 4 or 5 months later, after more research, speaking with my husband and then with the instructor of the local TKD club, we enrolled him.

Fast forward a few months….. My son was getting in less and less trouble at school. When I talked to him about it, he explained that if he gets in trouble at school, then he would get in trouble with his TKD instructor. So, it didn’t bother him that he was in trouble at home when the teacher called, but the thought of an unhappy instructor made him think twice about his actions. But that was fine by me!

Fast forward a few years….. He graduated high school with honors with the teachers singing his praises all through those adolescent years. What?! Could this be the same boy who was in trouble every single day in his early school years? Further more, I heard praises from other adults outside the school scene. On more than one occasion, I heard how well he articulated himself when he spoke.

But, the best part I have left for last!!  It is my belief that TKD taught him the self respect that he needed to get through those tough teen years where peer pressure is at its highest.

Besides the techniques, the self-defense moves and the patterns,  he learned….

SELF CONTROL                   SELF CONFIDENCE                           SELF RESPECT

Enrolling my son, all those years ago,  in Taekwon-Do was one of the best parental decisions I ever made!


A Proud Taekwon-Do Mom,

Tracey Williams