Head Instructor:

Mrs. Tracey Williams 4th Dan


Currently a 4th Degree Black Belt

Has been a student of Taekwon-Do since 2003

Successful tournament competitor

Attends yearly seminars held by Master Cariati, ICTF President

Class ‘C’ Umpire and Referee

Continues to train with Master Stoerig of Fall River Taekwon-Do


Welcome to Winding River Taekwon-Do

I became a student of  Taekwon-Do in 2003 under the instruction of Mr. Jim Ripley at JC Taekwon-Do (ITF) in Amherst, NS. Then as life would have it, our family had to move in 2005, so I was unable to continue training full time. Then in 2009 my family and I started training again under the instruction of Master Bill Stoerig of Fall River Taekwon-Do. In September of 2012, I received my Black Belt. I continue to study and train under the guidance of Master Stoerig, 7th Dan.

I have always had a passion for physical fitness and well-being, having played soccer in school and then taking up yoga in my 20’s. Then I discovered Taekwon-Do in my 30’s and realized it was all encompassing: cardio, strength, and flexibility while providing stress relief. Physical activity is a daily part of my life.

Throughout the years I have also been a Sunday school teacher and a soccer coach. I have also volunteered at the various elementary schools and clubs that my children have attended.

I am a mother of two boys, ages 20 and 16, who are both Black Belts of Taekwon-Do. I have watched them, over the years, grow into respectable, responsible young men with strong morals and values, and I believe their Taekwon-Do training and its practices have played a large part in that. It is for this reason,  and for my passion of the art and physical fitness, that I want to share Taekwon-Do with our community. On October 15, 2012 a long time dream of mine came true and I opened Winding River Taekwon-Do in Dutch Settlement, NS with the help of my entire family, in hopes to bring the same amazing benefits to my friends and neighbors here.

Mrs. Tracey Williams
4th Dan